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by Alice Scott - Updated Mar 14, 2024

About USPS Address Lookups

It’s quick and easy to perform a USPS Address Lookup with our fast, free USPS Address Lookup tool.

Our USPS Address Lookup service can quickly help you find missing address information or validate an address that you’re unsure about.

USPS Address Lookup
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How do I use your fast, free USPS Address Lookup tool?

The LeadsPlease USPS Address Lookup tool is quick and easy to use, and confirms deliverable addresses within seconds. .

To run an address search, simply input the Street Address, City, State, and specific Zip code that you’d like to lookup and verify, and then click on the orange button ‘USPS Address Lookup’.

Within seconds, the tool will check the address you entered against our USPS approved address database, and let you know if it is ok to use or not.

The tool returns a "Validated Address" on the right hand side. In the example below, the Lookup tool has found the correct, mailable address, and displayed it in the correct USPS approved ‘format’.

USPS Address Lookup Tool is fast and free.
USPS Address Lookup Tool is fast and free !

Why should I use a USPS Address Lookup tool?

If you’re looking to send out a direct mail campaign, you need to make sure that the addresses you are sending your mail to, are up-to-date, accurate and formatted correctly.

If you’re unsure about the validity or format of one or more mailing addresses, you should use a USPS Address Lookup tool.

Here at LeadsPlease, having assisted thousands of customers with their mailing concerns, I assert that it is imperative to utilize a USPS Address Lookup tool for verifying the accuracy and format of your mailing addresses. Adhering to USPS guidelines for address formatting is not merely advisable—it is crucial. This adherence guarantees that your mail and packages are not only delivered to the correct destinations but are also delivered with optimal efficiency. Our extensive experience corroborates the significant impact proper address formatting has on delivery precision and speed.

Can I use your Lookup tool to verify a PO Box address?


How do I find the correct zip code for an address?

You can quickly perform a USPS zip code lookup and verify a correct 5-digit zip code for an address by using a usps address lookup tool like the fast, free LeadsPlease tool, or the one on the website:

When using our address lookup tool, all you have to do is enter the Street Address, City and State then click "USPS Address Lookup".

The tool will lookup the address you entered and validate the correct zip code.

When would someone perform a USPS Address Lookup?

From what we’ve learned over the years, people and businesses perform address lookups for many reasons.

These are the most common reasons for usps lookups:

  • Zip code lookup by address: you might need to do this if you have an incomplete mailing address that is missing a zip code.
  • USPS change of address: if you know someone has recently moved, but you don’t have their new, mailing address.
  • USPS address lookup by name: if you have someone’s name, but not their current mailing address.
  • USPS lookup by address: if you need to find the Name of the person or people who live at an address

What is the correct USPS approved address format?

When you add an address to your mail piece, it needs to be in the correct, USPS approved format. If you don’t address your direct mail piece correctly, the postal service might mark your mailing piece as undeliverable and will not deliver it.

Here’s an example of how to correctly address a mailing piece to someone at a residential home:

First and Last Name

Street Number + Street Name, Building Number / Apartment #

City State Zip code

Here’s an example of how to correctly address a mailing piece to a company:

Contact Name & Title (if applicable)

Company Name

Street Number + Street Name, Building Number / Suite Number

City State Postal code

You can read more about the recommended delivery address format on the USPS website.

USPS Approved Delivery Address Format
USPS Approved Address format for direct mail.

How do I verify an address with the post office?

To verify an address you can use the LeadsPlease lookup tool on this page, or you can use the free address validation tool on the website:

Simply enter a valid address that you want to verify and click ‘Find’.

This tool is quick, simple and free.

How much does it cost to verify an address?

If you have one or a few addresses to verify, in most cases you can verify them for free! But if you want to verify a list of addresses, and you don’t want to do it manually one by one, you will most likely need to pay a fee for a company to help you.

LeadsPlease does offer Address Verification services.

Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

I have lots of postal addresses that I need to verify. Can you help me?

Yes! LeadsPlease does offer Address Verification services.

So, if you want to update all the mailing addresses, city names, and zip codes on your list, we can help you.

  1. Email us your address list in a .xls or .csv file format
  2. We will run your list through USPS approved address validation software and update your address data with correct addresses
  3. We email you your updated list with correct, accurate addresses

Please Contact Us for customer support, more information and pricing.

What is the USPS change of address process?

When a household or a business move, they need to update their new mailing address with the United States Postal Service. If they do not notify the USPS of their new mailing address, they will not recieve mail at their new residence.

People and businesses can update their change of address on the USPS website: Official USPS Change-of-Address

If you want to receive mail at your new address, you must submit your change of address with the USPS. If you don’t notify the USPS of your change of address, you won’t receive mail at your new address.

What does NCOA mean?

NCOA is a term used by the U.S. Postal Service and Printers to describe the software that is used to update changes to mailing addresses after a family/person or business has moved. LeadsPlease uses NCOA software to update all our mailing addresses, so we’re very familiar with this process and why it’s important.

NCOA stands for "National Change of Address".

What is the USPS Move Update?

According to the USPS website:

The Move Update standard is a means of reducing the number of mailpieces in a mailing that require forwarding or return by the periodic matching of a mailer’s address records with change-of-address orders received and maintained by the Postal Service™. 

USPS Move Update

So, in a nutshell, the USPS encourages you to update your mailing list every 95 days.

If you claim First-Class Mail presorted/automation prices, USPS Marketing prices or Parcel Select Lightweight prices, the post office will require to see proof that you have updated your mailing list within the last 95 days to ensure optimal mail delivery.

I don’t have a mailing list. Can you help me get a direct mailing list?

Yes, we can help you. Here at LeadsPlease, we have 20+ years under our belt, perfecting databases and providing our customers with targeted Consumer Mailing Lists and Business Mailing Lists.

When you purchase a List from LeadsPlease you are guaranteed the very best data quality, and up-to-date information, for more successful direct mailing campaigns.

Do you offer an address validation API?

Yes, we do ! Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

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USPS Address Lookup FAQs

What is CASS?

CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System. It is a certification process maintained by the USPS. It evaluates the quality of addresses.

What is Delivery Point Validation or DPV?

DPV confirms if an address is real, accurate and deliverable.

Can you help me verify many addresses at one time?

Yes! If you want to verify the address information for lots of addresses in an address list, you will most likely need to pay a company to help you.

LeadsPlease offers Address Validation services. Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

Does your tool work with international addresses?

No, sorry. At this time, the tool works only with USA mailing addresses.

Does yourprovide an accurate house number?



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