How To Print Address Labels From a PDF File

by Alice Scott - Updated Mar 13, 2024

About Printing Address Labels from a PDF File

It’s quick and easy to print address labels from a PDF file. Here at LeadsPlease, we print 1000’s of address labels from PDF files, every day and we help guide our Customers on how to print them out too.

We’ve compiled all the best tips to create this quick tutorial to show you how to print Avery® 5160® Labels / 8160 address labels from a PDF file label template.

Video: How to Print Mailing Labels from a PDF File

How to Print Address Labels from a PDF File

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Print Your Own Address Labels from a PDF File

Step 1 : Open the Labels PDF file

Find the Mailing Labels PDF file on your computer and double-click the file to Open it. You can do this on a mac or a desktop computer.

How to Print Address Labels from a PDF File - Step 1: Open the Labels PDF File
How to Print Address Labels from a PDF File – Step 1: Open the Labels PDF File

If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, the file will Open after you double-click on the file name.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download a free version online : Download Adobe Reader

After you Open the PDF file, it will look something like this:

How to print address labels from a PDF File
How to Print Address Labels from a PDF File

Step 2 : Go to ‘Print’ & Your Print Settings

When the PDF file is open, click on the print button. If you don’t see a print button, you can adjust your print options.

You can get to your Printer settings in a few different ways:

  • Go to File > click Print , or
  • Click the Right button on your mouse and select Print, or
  • Click on the Print icon

Step 3 : Select ‘Actual Size’

  • When your Print settings window is open, scroll down to the section that relates to ‘Scale’ or ‘Size Options’. (The words used to describe this section vary, depending on what program you use to print your labels).
  • Print Settings normally default to the ‘Fit to Page’ option. We want to change this. When you’re printing mailing labels from a PDF file, you need to change the Scale to ‘Actual Size’.
  • After you change the print Scale to ‘Actual Size’, your Avery® 5160® Labels will align properly and print out perfectly.
How to Print Address Labels from a PDF File
How to Print Address Labels from a PDF File: Step 3 – Print Settings

Step 4 : Print Your Mailing Labels

Now it’s time to start printing addresses on labels!

When you’re ready, put your Avery® 5160® Labels/ Avery® 8160 mailing labels in your printer, and then select Print. Making address labels has never been easier!

Tip: We suggest that you only print 1 page to begin with, so you can make sure everything looks correct before you print ‘All’ your labels.

If you’re having trouble printing address labels, don’t worry; we can print mailing address labels for you and ship them to you via USPS mail! We sell 1000’s of Labels every day, and know how to Print them perfectly, so you don’t have to.

Please visit our Labels page for more information and pricing, or call us to place an order: 1 866 586 1163

Questions about How To Print Mailing Labels from a PDF File

Do I need Microsoft Word to print my Labels from a PDF file?

No. You do not need Microsoft Word to print a PDF file. You will be able to print the pdf document using Adobe Reader.

What Label size should I use?

The most common Label size for address labels is 1 inch by 2.63 inches. This is the same size forAvery® 5160® Labels.

Do I need a Label printer to print Labels from a PDF file?

No, you do not need a special label converter or label printer to print Labels from a PDF file. Most standard printers (ex. laser printer, inkjet printer) are perfect for label printing and print pdfs.

What is a "mail merge"?

A mail merge is when you take data from a spreadsheet and merge it with a new document (ex. word document), so that the personalized information is automatically populated in the appropriate place on Labels, Letters, Envelopes etc.

For more information check out this short Article by Mail Merge pros, Microsoft Excel: Use mail merge for bulk email, letters, labels, and envelopes.

You can also read more about mail merges and how we use them daily to help our Customer: How to Print Address Labels from Excel.

Can I edit pdf before printing it?

Yes! You can edit pdfs. You can read more about how to Edit PDFs on the Adobe website.

Can I use this tutorial to print other types of Labels?

Yes! If your shipping labels or barcode labels are in a PDF file format, you can use this tutorial as a guide for printing them. The same print ‘rules’ and suggestions will apply, regardless of what type of labels you want to print. If your labels are in a PDF file format, you can follow this guide.

What Avery® template should I use?

The Avery® 5160® Template is the most popular Label template in the USA. It is used by people and businesses at home and in offices across the country because it’s a quick and easy way to print Labels.

Please visit our Avery® 5160® Template page to download your Free template.

Can you print Labels for me and ship them to me?

Yes! You can order your List in Printed Labels format when you buy your mailing list, or after you purchase your list.

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How To Print Mailing Labels From A PDF File FAQs

Can I ask LeadsPlease to add information to the labels?

Yes you can. For example we can add ‘Or Current Resident’ or the birth month month for Turning 65 lists.

Can I use any labels as long as they are 30 on a sheet?

Yes you can. As long as there are 30 labels on a sheet it will work.

Do you provide a ‘How To Print Addresses on Labels’ document for printing labels from a PDF?

Yes we do. When we email you the PDF we attach a ‘How To’ document. If you get stuck please call us +1 866 586 1163 and we can help you!

What is a PDF file?

A PDF File is a "Portable Document File". These types of files are widely used and are popular when sharing documents, because they maintain a concurrent format, regardless of the type of operating system that you use to open it.

Can I use this Guide to print different types of mailing labels?

Yes! This Guide will help you Print any size Mailing Labels. We used Avery® 5160® Labels / 8160 Mailing Labels in our Video and Guide, because those are considered one of the most popular, ‘standard’ size mailing labels.

When I print my Mailing Labels, the last row of labels gets cut off and they aren’t printing properly. What am I doing wrong?

If your Labels are getting cut off at the bottom of the page, it might be because you skipped Step 3 : Select ‘Actual’ Size. If you skip Step 3, your Labels will not be aligned correctly, and some of the Labels will get cut off.


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