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by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 05, 2024

About Our Email List API

The LeadsPlease DataWidget, is the preeminent Email List API designed for businesses to integrate robust email lists directly into their digital platforms seamlessly.

Elevate your web-to-print ore email service application by allowing your customers to buy email lists , amplifying your revenue streams through immediate profit margins on list sales, and enhancing the sale of printed products with the sophisticated DataWidget Email List API.

Email List API - The DataWidget

How The DataWidget can help your business

The DataWidget stands as a pinnacle in Email List API solutions, empowering you to retail email lists via your web-to-print portal. Integration is streamlined, user experience is paramount, and the outcome is an uplift in email address list sales and overall revenue growth with the DataWidget.

The DataWidget furnishes a gateway for your clients to procure wholesale email lists through your website in real-time, offering rapid, on-the-spot counts and unrivaled ease of use for email list prospecting.

Employing the DataWidget translates to an upsurge in list sales coupled with your printed offerings.

Businesses that can Benefit from the DataWidget

A diverse array of sectors find the DataWidget indispensable. Printers, Franchises, Dealerships, Mortgage and Insurance Brokers, Home Service Providers, Restaurants, and Marketing Firms all report unparalleled satisfaction with the DataWidget.

Essentially, any entity operating a web-to-direct-mail platform will find significant value in incorporating our Email List API into their website.

By retailing lists at your designated prices and acquiring them at wholesale costs through your eCommerce platform, profitability is instantaneous post-DataWidget integration.

Types of Email Lists and Databases for the DataWidget

We house hundreds of millions of rows of Consumer and Business data. This ensures your clients access the most current and accurate email lists available.

The DataWidget also allows for the easy integration of specialized databases. So, if you want to offer different, more specialised databases, that’s no problem. Our Email List API has the capability to toggle through different databases and hundreds of demographics as needed.

DataWidget with Checkout

The DataWidget includes a checkout feature for streamlined transactions.

User-Friendly Interface

We spend a lot of time and effort in refining and perfecting usability. For us, usability is extremely important. The DataWidget is quick and easy to use, allowing for swift list count refinements and market research in real-time.

Our clients’ success with the DataWidget is a testament to its capacity to drive email list sales and enhance profitability.


The DataWidget is offered at no initial cost, free from contractual obligations or commitments.

How do I learn more about the Email List API?

For more information, explore the DataWidget and our Email List API, please visit The DataWidget Website.

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