Mailing List By Zip Code

by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 01, 2024

About Mailing Lists by Zip Code

A mailing list by zip code is a list that contains mailing addresses in a specific zip code or zip codes. If you’re looking to send a direct mail campaign to specific zip codes, then you’ll need to get a mailing list by zip code.

We help our customers purchase Mailing Lists by Zip Code every day, so we’re very familiar with how to build them quickly and how to help you if you have any questions. Zip Code Lists are one of our most popular Lists, and if you’re looking for one too, we can help you.

What is a Mailing List by Zip Code?

A zip code mailing list is a marketing list that includes the Names and Mailing Addresses of either Consumers or Businesses in your specific zip code/s.

Mailing List by Zip Code

Will my zip code mailing list include all the households in the zip codes I select?

Yes! You can get a list of addresses by zip code for every household in a zip code or a series of zip codes. Or, you can narrow your list down by adding demographics like Age, Income, Interests & Hobbies etc.

Can I use the list to send out direct mail to zip codes in my area?

Yes! We can help you get an accurate Mailing List by Zip Code and we can also help you Print and Mail your Direct Mail pieces.

If you have any questions about how to get started with your direct mail marketing campaign, please Chat with us or Call us. We have experts standing by who would love to help you.

Can I target a specific Carrier Route?

Yes! You can get a mailing list by zip code, for one or more specific carrier routes.

Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

Will my list include the carrier route for each home?

Yes! There is a column in the spreadsheet with the carrier route ID for all the homeowners and renters on your list.

Will my list include phone numbers?

Some lists include phone numbers, and some do not.

For more information, please visit our Phone Number List page.

I have a long list of zip codes that I want to target; can you help?

Yes, we can help you.

If you have a long list of zip codes, and there are too many to enter manually, please email us the list and we’ll enter them for you and email you a quote:

What questions should I ask, before I buy a Zip Code Mailing List?

Before you buy an address list by zip code, you ought to consider a few things:

  1. Do you want to mail to every Consumer/Residential household in certain zip codes? Or do you want to target Businesses only? Or do you want to target all addresses in certain zip codes?
  2. Do you want to target specific types of people by using demographics like Age, Income etc?
  3. How much does it cost to purchase mailing list by zip code?
  4. Where can you buy a mailing list by zip code?

Can I get social media information by zip code?

Yes! You can buy a list that includes social media handles.

Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

Can I import your list into my CRM?

Yes! All our lists are downloaded in a .csv file format which is the most common list file format. This format is ‘standard’ and should be easy to upload into your CRM.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your CRM directly and ensure that the list file format is compatible before you purchase a list.

What deliverability rate I can expect?

If you purchase a Consumer zip code mailing list from LeadsPlease, you can expect a 95+% deliverability.

So, this means that if you send your direct mailers to the contact list within 30 days of purchase, we guarantee that 95+% of your mailers will be delivered to the correct address.

You can read more about our Deliverability & Accuracy on our Data Quality page.

Does the List include Email Addresses?

You can choose to add Email Addresses and purchase email lists on our website.

Can you help me send out my email marketing campaigns?

We can definitely help you purchase a targeted, accurate Email List which includes the Names + Email Addresses of new prospects. However, we do not send out the emails on your behalf.

If you need a referral, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help you find a reputable email service that can help you design and send your email campaigns. We work with clients on a daily basis, helping them build targeted email lists, and selecting a great email service company that can help them send out their email campaigns. So, we know all about the right email marketing companies to use, and the ones you might want to avoid.

Consumer Mailing Lists by Zip Code

A Consumer mailing list by zip code (Residential mailing list by zip code) includes residential names and mailing addresses in a specific zip code or zip codes. A Consumer mailing list will not contain any Business mailing addresses. The list will only include your target audience.

The benefit of using a Consumer mailing list by zip code, is that you can target specific types of people in a zip code, so that your mailing campaign only reaches the people who are most likely to want your service/product.

Example: You own an upscale Women’s Hair Salon. If you send your Postcard mailing to every household then your advertisement will reach a lot of people who are unlikely to visit your salon. So instead, you may want to consider targeting a smaller, niche group of people who are the best prospects for your business, such as Women with a middle-high Household Income. As a result, your ad / offer will reach the perfect prospects; Women with a household estimated Income that is high enough to afford your services.

Consequently, a more targeted mailing list can help increase your potential return on investment by ensuring that everyone receiving your ad/offer, is a likely potential new customer.

Business Mailing List by Zip Code

A Business mailing list by zip code will include the company name, contact information and business mailing addresses in a specific zip code or zip codes.

Business Lists  will not contain any Consumer mailing addresses.

If you want to advertise to Businesses in your area, you could target all Businesses in a certain zip code, or you could narrow down and target certain types of Businesses.

With a Business mailing list, you can target Businesses by Industry and Standard Industry Codes (SIC). You can also narrow down by using Demographics like Number of Employees, Annual Sales Volume, Number of Years that they have been in business etc.

Consequently, if you use a targeted Business mailing list, you can make sure to target specific types of businesses that are your best possible prospects.

Can I get B2B Email Lists?

Yes! You can choose to add Emails to your List. Please visit our Business Email Lists page to build your b2b Email List now.

What types of businesses could benefit from using a zip code mailing list?

Zip code mailing lists are particularly popular with local businesses, that are trying to find new potential customers near their location/s.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Mailing List by Zip Code?

Direct Mailing lists by zip code can vary in price. Pricing normally depends on:

  • How many sales leads are available in each zip code
  • How many addresses you choose to buy
  • The company you buy the mailing list from
  • The accuracy and quality of the mailing list
  • Click here for LeadsPlease Mailing List Pricing

How much does it cost to add Email Addresses?

Consumer Email Lists start at $195.00 for 1,000 leads, and Business Email Lists start at $250.00 for 500 leads.

For more information about email marketing, please visit our Email Marketing page.

How do I get the list? What format does it come in?

Most mailing lists are in an electronic file format (.csv or .xls). LeadsPlease mailing lists come in 3 easy to use list formats:

  1. Excel file (csv / xls )
  2. PDF file for Printing on Avery® 5160® Labels
  3. Printed Peel & Stick Labels shipped to you
Mailing List by Zip Code

Where Can I Get a Mailing List by Zip Code?

There are several companies and providers that sell mailing lists by zip code (including our company, LeadsPlease). If you google ‘mailing list by zip code’ you will see several companies that show in the results.

Before you buy a mailing list, we suggest that you speak to a handful of vendors and ask each vendor the following questions:

  1. How often do you clean and update your mailing lists?
  2. Are your mailing lists accurate?
  3. How much does your mailing list cost?
  4. If I’m not happy with my mailing list, what will you do to help me?
Mailing List by Zip Code

Can I get a free mailing list by zip code?

Yes! We do offer a free ‘sample’ list that includes about 25 leads. You can request a sample mailing list before you place an order, to ensure that you can use the list and that the list contains the information that you need.

Once you’ve reviewed your sample list, and you’re happy with it, then you can confidently buy the complete mailing list.

Why Should I Buy a LeadsPlease List?

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Mailing List by Zip Code FAQs

  • Can I get a mailing list with specific zip codes?

    Yes you can. Start by choosing your geographic area manually and then click the zip code tab.
  • Can I get more than one zip code in different areas?

    Yes you can. Click on the zip code tab and choose the state you are looking for. Highlight each zip code you want and click’add’. You can have as many as you want it. There is no limit and it makes no difference to price.
  • Will my list contain carrier routes?

    Yes. our data contains the full address and carrier route for each record. A carrier route is a group of postal addresses 9 digits long. Every zip code in the USA contains multiple carrier routes designated by the USPS.
  • If all the zip codes are 5 digits long, why are some of them on my spreadsheet only 4 digits long?

    Because some zip codes start with a zero (usually locations in the NE) and due to spreadsheet design, they will not usually show leading zeros as a number in the cell. Don’t worry they will be there. They just don’t show.

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