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by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 17, 2024

About Business Email Lists

Business Email Lists include key contact information for decision makers at businesses across the country, so you can connect with new customers quickly, and grow your Company. Buy high-quality, up-to-date email Lists for Businesses & Business Professionals across the USA.

Business Email Lists and Business Mailing Lists

What is a Business Mailing List?

A Business Mailing List is a B2B direct mail marketing list that includes the contact information for key decision makers at other Businesses. These b2b marketing lists help you quickly connect with your target audience, so you can spend more time selling your products and services, and growing your business.

mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients.


Information Included on the Lists

Business Direct Mailing Lists

LeadsPlease offers Business Direct Marketing Mailing Lists that include the following business data:

  • Employee Contact’s First & Last Name
  • Employee’s Title
  • Business Name
  • Business Postal Mailing Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Business Telephone Number
  • SIC Code
  • SIC Description

You can choose to add additional information, if needed such as :

  • Business URL / Website
  • Woman Owned
  • Small Business
  • Home Office
  • Annual Sales Volume
  • Years in Business
  • Number of Employees
  • Location Type: Headquarter, Branch, Single
  • Public / Private Ownership
  • Franchise / Not a Franchise
  • Chain / Not a Chain
  • Email Address (where available)

Business Email Lists

  • Business Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • SIC Code & Description
  • Demographics if available (ex. URL, Number of Employees, Annual Sales Volume etc)
  • Contact Name
  • Contact’s Title
  • Contact’s Email Address

What LeadsPlease Customers think about our Business Mailing Lists

Randy Liscarelli, the Founder of Verapax Marketing, purchases LeadsPlease Mailing Lists for his clients’ direct mail campaigns. He operates a fast paced marketing company that specializes in direct mail services, so providing accurate data and targeted mailing lists are crucial to the successfulness of his client’s direct mail campaigns and the reputation of his business.

Randy and his Team trust our easy-to-use lead generation tool to find potential new customers for his clients; they know that no matter which list they purchase, they’ll receive accurate, valid data that results in highly accurate direct mailers and a great ROI for his customers.

When Randy uses LeadsPlease lists, Randy’s customers are happy, and so is Randy.

Printed Direct Mail Campaigns

We also offer full-service Direct Mail, where we can print and mail your direct mailers for you. We print and mail 1000’s of professional direct mailers every day, and we can help print and mail out your campaign too!

For more information and pricing, please visit our Direct Mail and Direct Mail Postcards pages.

What LeadsPlease Customers think about our Business Email Lists

Justin Vorhees, the Co-Founder of Ignite Local, purchased a LeadsPlease Business Email List to promote his buiness.

Justin’s goal was to send a targeted email advertisement to Small Businesses in the states his company is growing in to attract new business clients and promote their marketing company. He needed an accurate list that included the business names, addresses and email addresses.

So, he did a quick search online, and found us. He used our easy-to-use lead generation tool to identify different types of businesses by selecting the industries he wanted to target, and then purchase and download that list online. He sent them a targeted advertisement via email, saw a 2% conversion rate, and grew his business.

Quantity of Businesses in our Business Database

15,177,130 Businesses are in our dataset. Here are the Top 10 States for Business:

Top 10 States # Businesses
CA 1,776,387
TX 1,190,838
FL 1,073,471
NY 915,859
PA 605,697
IL 581,763
OH 502,165
GA 499,431
NJ 455,067
NC 452,389
TOTAL 8,053,067

Email Addresses + Email Marketing

Can I buy a Business Email Address List?

Yes! You can buy a Business Email List for email marketing campaigns.

Business Mailing Lists with Email Addresses are available on our website.

  1. Select List Type: Business
  2. Geography
  3. Specify the Types of Businesses you want
  4. Demography
  5. Select Direct Mail + Email or Direct Mail + Emails where available

Click here to get started: Buy Mailing Lists

Can I get a Professional email address list?

Yes! You can filter your list by Job Title / Profession. The email address on your List, will be the email for the Professionals and Job Titles that you select.

Can I add your emails into my CRM?

Yes! Our email lists come in an easy to use .csv (Excel) file format which is compatible with most crms.

Can you help us with our email marketing?

Yes, we do offer digital marketing services. Please visit our Email Marketing page for more information.

Can I use my personal email account to send out mass emails?

You can, but we strongly discourage our customers from using personal or business email accounts to deploy mass emails. We do not recommend using gmail, Outlook, yahoo or any other personal email account.

We recommend following best email practices, and strongly encourage our customers to use a 3rd party, professional email service provider for deploying and sending mass emails.

We recommend using a professional email service for the following reasons:

  • More emails hitting Inboxes
  • Higher Open Rates
  • Less Bounces
  • Integrations with popular Apps
  • Automation
  • Email Metrics reports
  • Recognized IP
  • Auto Release Posts to Social Media

If I purchase a Business Email List, what sort of conversion rate can I expect?

When it comes to email campaigns, conversion rates vary greatly.

Conversion rates vary depending on a lot of factors but for the most part, they are impacted by the following:

  • Landing Pages
  • Signup Forms
  • Accurate Contact List
  • Professional Email Templates
  • Email Hosting
  • Strong Call to Action
This is an example of a Business Mailing List in an excel / .csv file format.
Sample Business Mailing List in an excel / .csv file format.

Types of Business Mailing Lists

We offer 100’s of different mailing lists for business. Our most popular Leads for Sale are shown below.

We also offer many lists offline from a variety of data sources. So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for below, please  Contact Us and let us know what you need. We will research your request and get back to you!

All Businesses
Attorneys Email List
Auto Repair Email List
Business Owners Email List
Car Dealers Email List
Cardiologists Email List
CFOs Email List
Churches Email List
Construction Email List
CPAs Email List
Dentist Email List
Doctor Email List
Finance Email List
Fortune 1000 Email List
Freight Forwarder Email List
Healthcare Email List
Hospitals Email List
Hotels/Motels Email List
HR (Human Resources) Email List
Manufacturing Email List
Mom & Pop Retail Stores Email List
Non Profits Email List
Nursing Homes Email List
Real Estate Email List
Restaurants Email List
SalesForce Users Email List
Schools & Universities Email List
Software Developers Email List
Solar Leads Email List
+1000’s More

Why Should I Buy a LeadsPlease List ?

Business Email Lists are not all the same.

There are a lot of lead generation companies out there, but not all of them are ‘great’. Some companies don’t update and maintain their business databases often, and sell old, out of date information that can severely impact your marketing campaigns.

If you need an accurate, up to date list of emails, choose a trusted lead generation business, like LeadsPlease.

LeadsPlease Lists can help entrepreneurs and small business owners with their business needs, and boost their marketing efforts without breaking the bank. Our affordable, accurate lists lead to increased email signups, new subscribers, broader outreach, and more website visitors.

But don’t just take our word for it. has voted LeadsPlease as being the Best Overall List Broker for the last 2 years in a row! If you want an accurate sales leads list, more sales leads and new customers, choose LeadsPlease Lists.

LeadsPlease Business Mailing Lists You Win
90+% Accuracy Guarantee Only trust the Best! Voted Best List Broker service, by !
10+ Million Businesses in the USA Find the right prospects using the largest database
3 easy-to-use list formats Don’t worry; we guarantee that you’ll be able to use your list or we’ll give you your money back!
Instant Download Save time; get your list in minutes
Happy Customers 1000’s of Happy Customers use LeadsPlease to grow their businesses. Start growing your business too!

Deliverability & Accuracy

If you purchase a Business mailing list from LeadsPlease, you can expect a 90+% deliverability.

So, if you send your direct mailers to the list within 30 days of purchase, we guarantee that 90+% of your mailers will be delivered to the correct address.

You can read more about our Deliverability & Accuracy on our Data Quality page.

How accurate are your Business email marketing list?

Although we go to great lengths to frequently clean and update our business databases, they will always contain a small number of undeliverable mailing addresses & emails, out of date information and data errors that are beyond our control.

At the point of sale, your List of emails will go through our final email address authentication process, using the world reknowned email validation API from NeverBounce. During this process, we identify and remove Invalid and Unknown email addresses, and ensures that you only receive Valid and up-to-date emails.

On average, when you purchase a business email database, you can expect to receive the following accuracy rates from your marketing strategy:

  • Business Mailing Address & Demographics – 90+%
  • Contact’s Email Address – 80+%

If you want to learn more about our Data and our Data Quality processes, please visit our Data Quality page.

How do you guarantee that I receive valid, accurate business email addresses?

When you purchase a Business List with business email addresses, we guarantee that 80+% of the business emails will be Valid and accurate.

We can guarantee this high accuracy rate because we clean and update all the email addresses on a frequent basis, including one final time at the moment you place your order.

How do I get a list of Businesses in my area?

  1. Select the geographical area that you want to include. Get Business Mailing Lists by Zip Code, City, County, State or using a radius around your address.
  2. Select the type of Businesses that you want to include.
  3. Order online with a credit card & Download your Business to Business Mailing Lists!
Local Business Mailing Lists connect you with Businesses & Business professionals that are in your local area.
Get a List of Businesses in your local area, by targeting Businesses that are located in a circular radius around your location.

Can I get Business Mailing Lists by Zip Code?

Yes! If you want to get a cost-effective list of Businesses in one zip code, or in a series of zip codes, we can help you!

Mailing List by Zip Code


500 19.95c $ 99.75
1000 17c $ 170.00
2500 16c $ 400.00
5000 12c $ 600.00
10000 8c $ 800.00
Business Mailing List Pricing

Business Mailing List Format

This shows the columns you get in your purchased mailing list. The ‘Demographic’ columns are only delivered if you search on them.

Column Name Column Description Demographic Column?
first First Name  
last Last Name  
title Contact Title  
company Company Name  
address1 Address Line 1  
address2 Address Line 2  
city City  
state State  
zip Zip Code  
zip4 Zip+4  
full_name Contact Full Name  
city_state_zip City, State & Zip Code  
county_name County Name  
telephone Telephone  
url Company URL  
woman_owned Woman-Owned  
small_business Small Business  
home_office Home Office  
business_id BusinessId  
presence_of_contact_name Presence of Contact Name Demographic
annual_sales_code Estimated Annual Sales Code Demographic
annual_sales Estimated Annual Sales Demographic
years_in_business_code Years in Business Code Demographic
year_business_started Year Business Started Demographic
employee_count_code Number of Employees Code Demographic
employee_count Number of Employees Demographic
headquarter_branch Location Type Demographic
public_private Public/ Private Ownership Demographic
is_franchise Is Franchise Demographic
chain Is Chain  
primary_sic_division Primary SIC Division (A-K)  
primary_sic Primary SIC Code  
primary_sic_desc Primary SIC Description  
secondary_sic Secondary SIC Code  
secondary_sic_desc Secondary SIC Description  
naics1 Primary NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Code  
primary_record Primary contact
Business Mailing Lists
LeadsPlease Business Mailing Lists are highly accurate, up-to-date and affordable.

Business Mailing Lists FAQs

I don’t know what types of Businesses to include on my List; can you help me?

Don’t worry, we can help ! We work with Customers every day, and build specialized and targeted Business lists that are tailored to each individual business. But if this is your first time building a List, you will likely have questions, and that’s ok! We’re here to help.

If you’re not sure what type of Businesses to include in your List, please give us a call and our List Experts will be happy to help. 1 866 306 8674

What format do the lists come in?

After you place your order online, you’ll be able to download your mailing list in a .csv file format, directly from the website. The .csv / excel spreadsheet format is our Customers’ most popular file format, because it is easy to open, easy to share and easy to upload into most CRMs.

We offer 3 Easy-to-Use List Formats:

  1. CSV File Spreadsheet
  2. PDF Mailing Label Format for printing on Avery® 5160® Labels
  3. Printed Peel & Stick Mailing Labels

This is my 1st Time Buying a Mailing List; can I see a Sample of my List before I place an order?

Yes! We want you to be completely happy with your List.

A great way to ensure that you’re completely happy, is for you to see exactly what you’re getting before you place your order.

Please call us or email us to get a Sample Business List today!

We’ll email it right over to you; then you can take your time to go through it and make sure it’s correct, and exactly the way you want it to be before you place your order.

What is an SIC and how can it help me?

The Standard Industry Classification (SIC) was created by the Department of Labor to create a clear hierarchical view of the branches of different industries. It works a bit like a library system with 2 digits representing the top/head of the tree. Other numbers are added to denote how far down the tree the classification is. This helps to target all branches of different industries easily.

Do business mailing lists have phone numbers?

Yes. Business mailing lists have 100% phone numbers.

Can I exclude franchised businesses from my list?

Yes you can. On the demography page click on ‘franchise’ and the box will expand. Click on ‘not franchise’ and then click ‘add’. Franchised businesses will be excluded from your list.

Can I choose what business title I want?

Yes you can select from many business titles on the demography page.

Can I use my personal gmail account to send out emails?

Yes you can, but strongly discourage our customers from using personal email accounts for sending mass emails.

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