Email Lists & Email Address Lists [2024]

by Alice Scott - Updated Feb 09, 2024

Email lists and email address lists are pivotal in the realm of digital marketing. They serve as a cornerstone for various marketing strategies, from content marketing to direct email advertising. In this guide, we delve into the nuances of email lists, covering types such as marketing email lists, email listing for business leads, and the dynamics of email list marketing.

Email Lists & Email Address Lists [2024]

What is an Email List?

An email list is essentially a list of email addresses to which you can send marketing materials, newsletters, or updates. These lists can be built organically, or acquired through purchase.

An email list, often referred to as an emailing list or email mail list, is a collection of email addresses used by an organization to distribute content to multiple recipients. This concept extends to various forms, including marketing email address lists, email contact lists, and custom email lists.

How much does it cost to buy Email Lists & Email Address Lists?

Consumer Email Lists start at $195.00 for 1,000 leads. Business Email Lists start at $250.00 for 500 leads. The price per email goes down, the more you buy.

Please visit our Email List Pricing page for detailed pricing.

Buying Email Addresses: Is it a good idea?

Some say you should never buy marketing email lists. It’s too risky. It doesn’t work. It’s too expensive. Etc.

Here at LeadsPlease, however, we have a very different point of view. We specialize in providing accurate, up-to-date email lists that help our clients boost brand awareness, advertise new products and services and ultimately, help them to find new customers and boost sales.

We have 1000’s of Happy Customers who Buy Email Lists from us, and who have experienced great success. They would say, "yes! Buying email addresses IS a good idea!"

Is it legal to buy Email Lists?

Yes! It is legal to Buy Email Lists .

The primary federal law that governs the sending of commercial emails in the U.S. is the CAN-SPAM Act. This Act does not have a provision that explicitly prohibits the buying and selling of email lists. Instead, it focuses on the content, purpose, and practices associated with sending commercial emails. You can reference the full text of the CAN-SPAM Act on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website or through official U.S. legislative databases to see its provisions and understand its focus.

The CAN-SPAM Act, a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

Federal Trade Commission: CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business

So, yes. It is legal to purchase email marketing lists and buy email lists for marketing.

Types of Email Lists & Email Address Lists

Email Lists can essentially be broken down into 2 categories: Purchased Email Lists and Organic Email Lists.

Purchased Email Lists

These are lists that you can buy from a third party, like LeadsPlease.

They are great for prospecting and helping you reach new, potential customers. So, if you want to start prospecting and sending email advertisements to promote your business or an event, a purchased email list may be perfect for you. You can find potential new customers, get an email address list that includes up to date email addresses, and start email marketing to them in minutes.

You can Buy Email Lists that target Consumers and/or Businesses anywhere in the USA, or you can narrow down and target specific locations (ex. by Zip Code/s or Cities).

Marketing email lists are specialized lists used primarily for sending marketing content and promotions. They can be segmented into various types, like digital marketing email lists, business email marketing lists, or even a specific internet marketing email list.

Organic Email Lists

These are built over time from your own customers or contacts. Client email lists or current customer email contacts are a fantastic resource, and should be used in conjunction with purchased email lists.

These lists are great for keeping in touch with your Customers, notifying them of upcoming events and new products and services. They are more likely to be engaged with your content as they have opted in to receive information from you.

Here are a few ways to build your own organic email list:

  • Offer incentives for signing up to exclusive content or to get discounts.
  • Create engaging and shareable content like videos and infographics
  • Use social media platforms
  • Add signup forms to your website and blog
  • Host webinars or online events

What are the Pros of Buying Email Addresses?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy email lists. To see why our Customers buy email lists, please visit our Email Lists & Email Address Lists page. Here’s a List of the top Pros of buying email addresses for marketing, that our customers have shared with us:

Pros of Buying Email Lists

  • Find New Customers: Our patented lead generation tool helps businesses find new customers quickly.
  • Affordable: Starting at $195.00 for 1,000 Consumers
  • Quick: On average, it takes our customers ~ 5 minutes to buy a list
  • Easy: Buy an Email List online or over the phone
  • 100% Opt-in: All Consumers have 100% Opted in to receive emails
  • Get New Customers Quickly: After you download your Email List, you can start email marketing to potential new customers within minutes
  • CRM: Upload your new customer data into your CRM and grow your internal list building
  • Boost Sales Now: Customers can access your products and services with just a click of a button. From your email, to the checkout on your website within seconds.

The bottom line, is yes! Purchasing email addresses is a good idea, if you purchase email marketing lists that are high quality, and up-to-date. Email marketing should be a part of your marketing tools box.

Quality digital consumer email lists improve your digital marketing results. They help increase your deliverability rates, click-throughs from landing pages, and help you reach more Inboxes and gain new customers.

Pros of Buying Email Lists from LeadsPlease

There are a lot of great reasons for buy email contacts (see above). However, the quality of the email addresses and the support & service you receive, will vary greatly from company to company.

These are some of the extra reassurances you get when you buy Consumer email addresses from LeadsPlease:

  • 100% Opt-In Consumer Emails: Every Consumer/Person on your email address list, has given their consent to receive email marketing promotions. So, all of our Consumer Emails are Opt-In.
  • Multiple Usage : Some companies charge extra to use their Lists more than once. We don’t. When you buy email addresses online from us, you can use the List as many times as you like.
  • Same-Day NeverBounce Email Verification: We clean and update the email addresses constantly throughout the year. But to make sure you’re getting only the very best email addresses, we run your list through NeverBounce email address verification software one last time, at the time you place your order.
  • 90+% Consumer Email Address Accuracy: Get more of your emails delivered to the right people. Hit more Inboxes, get more clicks, and more sales, with guaranteed accuracy.

LeadsPlease makes it simple, easy and affordable to buy opt in email lists.

Do all Email Marketing Services allow you to send emails to 3rd party purchased email lists?

No. Not all email marketing services are alike, and not all of them allow you to send emails to 3rd party purchased email lists.

We have 15+ years experience working with Customers who want to purchase email addresses and create email marketing campaigns. That has lead to 1000’s of conversations, tons of research, and a lot of testing. From this broad and expansive experience, we have learned the right way and the wrong way to send advertisements and promotions via email. Based on this experience, we strongly recommend checking with your email service before you purchase email lists, to make sure that the company that you select does allow prospecting to purchased email lists.

From our experience, MailChimp, HubSpot and Constant Contact do not allow you to send emails to paid email lists.

How accurate are your Email Lists?

We take great pride and care in maintaining the quality of our data, as it is the core of our business.

Our Email Lists & Email Address Lists are routinely updated throughout the year, as new information becomes available. During these updates, old email addresses get updated or removed and new, valid email addresses get added.

We also perform one final list cleansing at the time you purchase your email list. This final email address verification process validates all the email addresses on your email data list. So, after this validation process, your list is as accurate as possible, resulting in higher conversion rates and less unsubscribes.

Although we go to great lengths to frequently clean and update our databases, they will always contain a small number of undeliverable mailing addresses & emails, aliases, out of date information and data errors that are beyond our control.

Do you sell 1000 email addresses list?

Yes ! We do offer 1000 email addresses list.

Consumer – 1000 email addresses list = $195.00

Find your target audience and Buy Email Lists online or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you over the phone.

What programs can I use with my purchased email lists?

Our high quality Consumer Email Lists come in an easy-to-use Excel file format (.xls / .csv). This common spreadsheet file format is easy to use in Excel, SalesForce, and other platforms.

Can I integrate my Social Media with an Email Campaign?

Yes! Some professional, email deployment services allow you to add your social media icons to your email design.

This cool feature allows you to quickly show people what social media accounts you have, and allow them to quickly visit your social media pages. For example, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Social Media & Email Marketing
Integrate your Social Media into your targeted email marketing campaigns.

Can I get targeted Email Lists that include Phone Numbers?

Yes. We do offer Phone Numbers.

Business Emails Lists include a Business Phone Number for every business on your List.

However, Phone Numbers are not included in the Consumer Email Lists that are purchased online. For more information about purchasing a Consumer Email List that includes phone numbers, please visit our Mailing Lists with Phone Number page.

How many times can I use the email list?

When you buy Consumer email lists from LeadsPlease, you can use the email addresses as many times as you like.

However, here at LeadsPlease, we strongly recommend that you use your email addresses within 72 hours of purchase. We recommend using your emails as close to the date of purchase as possible, because that is when your email addresses are the most accurate, and will yield the best results. This is because email addresses change very frequently, so you want to use your List as soon as possible.

How do I increase my email subscribers?

You can increase your email subscribers in many different ways. These are the most popular ways to increase email signups:

  • Pop-ups: Add a pop-up to your website with a call to action.
  • Social Media Automation: Share regular social posts and setup automation.
  • Social Sharing: Add social sharing to your top pages
  • Lead Magnets: Entice new subscribers with a great offer in exchange for them signing up and dishing out their email.

Is email marketing worth it?

Absolutely! The potential ROI with email marketing is impressive.

As outlined in Forbes, “There is one marketing method that has maintained its claim to fame. Email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels—$42 back for every dollar you spend.”

Can I generate more Leads and win more customers using email marketing?

Yes! Email Marketing can work extremely well, when you master how to utlize it.

We work with 100’s of Clients who buy email mailing lists and who use email marketing on a daily basis to advertise to potential new customers and prospect for new Leads. We sent them an email asking them to share their feedback; we love hearing from our customers, and understanding what elements of email marketing works for them and what doesn’t.

Then we compiled some of the best email marketing tips from working with our Customers, and compiled them here for you – Email Marketing 101: How to Use it to Generate Leads and Win More Customers

What are some good topics/reasons for sending an email to a new prospect?

  • Welcome Email
  • Email Newsletter
  • Giveaway
  • Event
  • Signup Forms
  • New ecommerce site

Where can I go to design my email?

If you need help with email design or email distribution, please Contact Us.

Can I use your lists with MailChimp, HubSpot or Constant Contact?

No. MailChimp, iContact, HubSpot and Constant Contact do NOT allow you to upload/send to third party, bought lists, like ours.

If you intend to use a third party email service distributor to release your email campaign, please make sure you check with them first, to see if they allow you to use third party lists.

Can I use my personal Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL/Outlook account to send out an email blast campaign using one of your lists?

We do not recommend using your personal email account to send out bulk emails. People who use personal email accounts to release bulk emails often see a much higher bounce rate than those who use a professional service.

Should I use a professional Email Marketing Service to send out my emails?

Yes! We strongly recommend using a professional email marketing service to deploy your emails.

These are some of the top reasons for using a professional email deployment service to send out your email campaigns:

  • Professional Templates: Use professionally designed email templates that deliver better results
  • Email Content: Increase readership with recommended content
  • Integrations: Use helpful integrations to improve success
  • Email Metrics Reports: Track your email marketing efforts easily with email metrics reports that display important results like click-throughs, website visitors, and bounces etc
  • Tried and Tested Subject Lines: through a/b testing email services track the best Subject Lines and make recommendations. Take advantage of these suggestions, and boost your Open Rates with great ones.
  • Powerful CTA: The CTA (Call to Action) in your email is one of the most important elements. Follow a well designed email template and CTA, and watch your goals soar.
  • Reputable IP : Professional email deployment services have much more reputable IP addresses, than personal email accounts, like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. This means that more of your emails will hit your customers’ inboxes, and you’ll experience a more successful campaign when you use a professional service.

However, some email services allow you to send bulk emails to third party contact lists, some do not.

Please contact your email service directly if you have questions regarding their bulk email deployment rules.

I’d like to learn more about email marketing and email marketing best practices – can you help me?

Yes! Please Contact Us to request a copy of the LeadsPlease Email Marketing Guide, which includes tips and information about email marketing and best email marketing practices.

What format is the list in?

The New Homeowner Email Lists come in 3 easy-to-use List Formats:

  1. Excel file format
  2. PDF Label Format
  3. Printed Peel & Stick Mailing Labels Shipped to You

Why Should I Buy a LeadsPlease List?

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Whether it’s a digital business email list, an email marketing listings, or an email subscriber list, the effective use of email lists in marketing is undeniable. They offer a direct line to potential customers, but their success depends on quality, compliance, and strategic use. Remember, a well-maintained and responsibly used email list can be a goldmine for any digital marketing effort.

Email lists and email address lists are essential tools in digital marketing but require careful management and a strategic approach. Whether you choose to build your own list or purchase one, the key is to focus on the quality of contacts and compliance with legal standards to ensure the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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Email Lists & Email Addresses FAQs

  • What is the best way to maintain an email list?

    Regularly clean your list by removing unengaged subscribers and updating contact information.
  • Where does the email list data come from?

    Multiple sources including public records and deed information.
  • How can I ensure my emails aren’t marked as spam?

    Obtain consent from recipients, personalize content, and avoid using too many sales-oriented words.
  • Can you help me with my digital marketing?

    Yes, we can! Please Contact Us for more information regarding digital marketing.

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